From Cafe to Co-Working.

With over a year in establishment Sandbox has thrived in Sri Petaling, bringing many people from all types of professions together and has created a community that has had many experiences and moments. While people have found out about Sandbox through different platforms, the story of how Co-Working Spaces were created are usually lost and never truly understood.

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When one starts a business, it would be reasonable to think that starting from home is best as it saves costs and is more comfortable than at home. While this can be true for some, it is actually very untrue for most people. In terms of mentality, when you stay at home it is very hard for a person to get into the mood of working as they are still visually in the same space they use to relax. This results in you starting your work later than you would expect and this happens to everyone. One of the biggest disadvantages to working at home is also that there is a lack of interaction and networking is made much harder if you are stuck at home working all day.

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People constantly use coffee shops as a place to work. They like the atmosphere and enjoyed the coffee. People would constantly go and meet up together even though if they were of two different occupations. Sharing stories of their jobs and life, people grew bonds at cafes. However, there were downsides to it as well. While some cafes are capable of providing the correct space for work related activities, most are unreliable and can actually be a huge distraction. This could because not everyone in a cafe are there to work.

We understood this and after experiences working in both professional and casual environments believed that Co-Working Spaces were the future in getting things done. There are the evolution of coffee spaces and home offices, bringing the best of both in order to emulate a productive atmosphere and improve it. Not only a place with few distractions, Co-Working Spaces also provide readily available connections that one might need for their work. With better facilities and their determination to provide a space for entrepreneurs, students and nomads it seems like places such as Sandbox are here to stay and for good reason. Some things are just better done in a Co-Working Space.

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