Sandbox's Stars: Deemples, Swinging to Success.

Wishing to show how Co-Working Spaces are capable of helping people achieve their goals and get work done, Sandbox is happy to introduce you to many companies that have thrived. Our first Sandbox Star is Deemples, who have created an app focused on bringing everyone to the world of golf.

david wong deemples

Created in the 1400s, the goal of the Golf is simple : From the starting point, swing the ball into the hole in the fewest strokes as possible. Played on a golf course which consists of 18 separate holes, the sport have a fan base that is currently on the decline. Golf is seen as an expensive sport to play with golf clubs taking a nice chunk of your income while golfing a full 18 holes also demands a flexible schedule. As a result, many people who may want to try Golf may not be so inclined to especially when seeing the price tag or having no friends to golf with. Deemples is trying to change all this by making it more accessible for Golfers to come together and go to the course.

wild digital deemples

Deemples aims to bring golfers from all levels together so that they may be able to golf wherever they want whenever they want. As an app you are able to see which games are near your area or create your own one for others to join. Beautifully created, Deemples now spans over 5 countries and has over 350 courses that golfers can choose from. By having more people playing golf, the main mission is to make sure the sport does not die and that it will continue to grow for the next generation to enjoy.

monthy medal

Being a resident of Sandbox, we were able to see the progress of Deemples first hand and how they went from a relative unknown to one of the most premium apps for golfing in South East Asia. From a small team of just two people to a whole team Deemples CEO David has also said “that the environment Sandbox provides has helped me greatly, from the opinions of other startups, to more experienced companies. It was a blessing to work in this space.”

Check out more about Deemples through their website: and download their app : so that you may also Swing your way to Success!