It all began when a local café that we used to work at suddenly shut shop. This unfortunate event made us realise that the café provided us with a setting so comfortable that our minds were at ease to work at maximum capacity.

Also, with new start-ups sprouting, freelancing becoming a norm, and the emergence of digital nomads in South East Asia, we realised how more potent ideas could get if they were collectively generated in a pleasant space. This led us to the idea of creating a workspace where Malaysia's rising digital community would want to go to meet like-minded people, bounce ideas with and potentially build real relationships.


Classy Suburb with a Hip Crowd


Located just down south of Kuala Lumpur, Sri Petaling is a classy suburb that enjoys the presence of a young demography that is well-connected, educated, and informed. Besides, Sri Petaling is surrounded with established amenities and accessible services which makes it a crowd puller in itself. This certainly makes working here more convenient and effortless for you.